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Voted #1 in Chicago!

Wilderness Falls is Chicago's Most Exciting place for Family Fun!

Play golf on top of a 40 foot waterfall, tip toe through Big Foot's cave, navigate the racing rapids, and most of all...have fun at Wilderness Falls!

After golf, take a swing in the batting cages.  Select baseball or softball, and choose from a variety of speeds.  The cages are fun for all ages!

Party Time! Have your next party at Wilderness Falls! Packages are affordable, and our party room is perfect for Birthdays, Team Trophy Parties, Church Groups, Scouts and more!

Located just off Weber Road in Bolingbrook, Wilderness Falls is easy to get to from Naperville, Joliet and Chicago!
Hours of Operation: 
Please call to confirm that we are open.
Monday - Friday : Closed
Saturday - Sunday : Closed unless its above 60 degrees
All hours are subject to change depending on the weather. 
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