Wilderness Falls Mini Golf

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Bear CourseTournament_2

Play across a 35' waterfall and through Big Foot's Cave!  The Bear Course is a fan favorite and is host to the Chicago Mini Golf Championship. Be careful when walking across the rickety bridge!

Eagle Course

The Eagle Course takes you to new heights as you climb atop the 40 foot mountain! While you work your way around the rivers of Wilderness Falls prepare for the final hole where you race against your partners in the famous frenzied funnel!Koi_Pond_View

Maddux the Moose

Be on the lookout for Maddux the Moose, as he can be found walking around Wilderness Falls on Sunny Days. If you see Maddux, give him a High Five or a Hug! Maddux loves to play mini golf and can often be found playing both courses.

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