The FUN way to Raise Funds


We know how difficult it can be to ask for sponsors and ask for money.  And we also understand how important it is to raise money in order to support your organization...especially in this economy!

Remember, not everybody plays "big" golf...but everybody can play mini golf!  And more people means MORE MONEY!

We can help in a few different ways:

Mini Golf Outings

Fundraising Partnership Program  Partnership_Program_Website

This is our most successful program!  We partner with you to raise money for your organization.

Here is how it works:

1. We give you Partnership cards, with your name and logo. (sample on right)
2. You distribute the cards to your supporters, friends and family.
3. Everytime they show their card at Wilderness Falls, 10% of their total bill is donated back to your organization!

We are happy to include these cards as a bonus to every organization that has a mini golf fundraiser outing at Wilderness Falls!